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How is Montessori Education Unique?

  1. Montessori is a multi-faceted educational method that encompases all the development needs of a child intellectual, physical, social and psychological. This broad curriculum emphasis the joy of learning by allowing children to learn at their own pace and according to their own interest. In this way the Montessori method promotes self-confidence which enables the child to face new challenges fearlessly and without hesitation.
  2. Observing that “ the hands are the means to the intellect”, the Montessori method is fundamentally a sensorial approach to pre-school learning. Dr. Montessori devised a series of developmentally-appropriate materials that attract the child attention and challenge the mind. They are sequential and self activities that facilitates skills and concepts of learning.
  3. Montessori teachers direct children toward purposeful activity by demonstrating materials that are suitable to each child’s needs. Once a material has been properly demonstrated by the teacher, the child is free to return to it as his/her interest or curiosity dictates. In this way she serves as a guide or “ directresses to young children. Recognizing that learning is an individual process. The Montessori teacher is a keen observer of children and is always ready to provide a new learning opportunity for the ever curious child. She is also a meticulous care taker, providing a safe and positive learning environment.
  4. Dr. Montessori designed a special educational environment. It is called ”Children’s House”. She theorized that children are most receptive to learning in a home-like atmosphere that welcome them, stimulates them and provides a sense of security. Children learn to care for their “house” and take pride in it’s cleanliness and beauty.
  5. Every Montessori class is composed of children between the ages of 3-6. This three-year age span provides a family-like
    setting and is a more natural learning environment. Younger children are able to look upon the work of their older peers with curiosity which may provide the impetus for their interest in learning. Older children act as role models and helpers to younger ones.
    Morever, they reinforce their won learning by sharing their experiences with the younger ones. Such interactions between children of different ages encourages conversation thereby enhancing the communication skills of the children.

Child Developers Programme (C.D.P) is a Montessori Teacher Training College offering Diploma & Certificate courses. It’s located in Nairobi in Eastland’s area at Umoja estate, on the compound of Umoja catholic Church.