Child Developers Programme (C.D.P) Montessori Teacher Training College - 0728 99 56 61
Trained Directresses

Montessori teachers are trained in Nairobi at the Child Developers Programme (C.D.P), which is situated within the compound of the Umoja Catholic Church. The course began in 1974 and has trained more than 6,000 child developers (teachers) who are located in nursery schools all over Kenya teaching some 16,000 children. Students at C.D.P undergo a rigorous two year training in Montessori theory and practice. This includes making most of the materials found in the Montessori
The first phase is a non-residential and or residential course which starts in the middle of February and ends in the midddle of December each year, then June to April. Each student is responsible for living arrangements, fares, pocket money and other incidental expenses.
The second phase of the course consists of one year of practical work in a sponsoring nursery school. During the two years of practical work the student is routinely inspected to assess his/her progress. C.D.P awards a Montessori teaching certificate to each students who successfully completes the full two years of training.

Child Developers Programme (C.D.P) is a Montessori Teacher Training College offering Diploma & Certificate courses. It’s located in Nairobi in Eastland’s area at Umoja estate, on the compound of Umoja catholic Church.