Admission procedure

Enquiry and Waiting List 
To show that you are interested in attending Child Developers Programme, you will be required to enter in the waiting list book, either personally, or by email. Once a place is available, we will invite you for an interview, for which you will be required to pay a small deposit.  Continuing students may not need to attend an interview; however, a booking deposit will be required. All those preparing for interview must submit copies of their result slips and ID card.

Interview KCSE/Common Entrance/ Higher classes
Students who hope to join the college are normally expected to have sat an examination, ending their course, depending on the system of education. This is what we would use to select students to our college. For those who have not sat for any of those papers, or wish to join us in higher classes, we organize for special entry examinations in Maths, English and two other subjects (one science and one arts). We would also expect to receive a satisfactory report from a candidate’s current school. 

Applicants for places in diploma take our entrance tests in English, Maths, Science and Reasoning and need to provide a satisfactory report from their current school.
A second oral interview is also done in order to make a final judgment.


Once the student has been accepted, you are asked to register to pay an admission fee and complete an Application Form


Development Apparatus


As the course goes on, students will be responsible for making their teaching apparatus according to our method of training. Students will also be required to make additional materials either at home or at the co-operating nursery school. Moreover, a list of the items which each student must have in order to follow the course will be given out so that they can be obtained before starting the course. They remain the property of the student or the sponsor. C.D.P does not supply these items.




Hostels are Available to students during the course with minimum charges for both diploma and certificate students.


Why train with Child Developers Programme?


• Established 39 years ago.

• Located in a serene Christian environment.

• Teacher training for Nursery & Kindergarten children.

• We offer full-time and in-service courses at Certificate and Diploma Level.

• High employment placement in both local & International schools.

• Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education - Kenya.

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