Child Developers Programmes




It’s a two years course divided into two phases. The first phase is a residential course which starts in the middle of February and ends in the middle of December. The second intake starts from the first week of June to May of the following year. The second phase consists of one year of practical work in nursery school whereby one is routinely inspected to assess her/his progress. The successful student is awarded a Montessori certificate at the end of two years of the training.



It’s a two years in-service course divided into five sessions which consist of theory and practical work. At the end of the two years, one sits for an International Montessori examination and the successful candidate is awarded a Diploma certificate.



Entry Qualifications - Academic


The student must have an “O” level certificate, with a mean grade of D+ and above.


One must have a valid Montessori certificate in order to pursue the diploma course.


Entry Requirements

Academic Certificate  Or Result Slip (Original & Photocopy)

Identification Card -(ID) (Original & Photocopy)

Interview Fee- Ksh 1000

Passion For Small Children

Fee Structure



Interview fee                   ksh 1,000 (non-refundable)

Admission fee                  ksh 2,000

Course fee                      ksh 70,000 this amount may be paid at once or in two installments of ksh 50,000 on opening day and ksh 20,000 on first week of July

Fee structure Diploma


Each session                    ksh 13,000

Admission fee                  ksh   2,000

Examination Fee

This is Payable at the end of the course before one sits for the final exam. Failure to pay school fees on time will mean immediate dismissal. All fees are non-refundable. Moreover, students are responsible for paying their own bus fares during practical teaching sessions which are conducted in several highly developed nursery schools in Nairobi area.

Method of Payment

School fees must be paid by banker’s cheque or cash deposit slips from Kenya Commercial Bank - Jogoo road branch. Cheques and cash deposit slips should be named out to Child Developers Programme. Account No. 1108656617. No cash or postal order will be accepted for fee payment.


Costs during the Second Phase


During the second phase of the course, the co-operating nursery school will pay the costs of each inspectorate trip. The cost will be calculated according to the distance travelled and time taken. The co-operating nursery school will be notified of the cost before the student is accepted at the nursery school and will be informed when the rate is adjusted to meet inflation costs.

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