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The Child Developers Programme C.D.P is a programme of the Archdiocese of Nairobi that trains competent nursery school teachers to guide three to six years old children in various nursery schools throughout Kenya. The course was started in 1974 and has trained over 6,000 nursery/pre-unit teachers.


Training Method 


The method used in training teachers is the Montessori Method. This method is recognized worldwide as one of the most successful methods of the pre - primary education. Since then it has proven to be very successful here in Kenya.




The staff is composed of six Kenyan women who have been trained in the International Montessori method.


Co - Operating Nursery school 


Each student must join a nursery school. This co-operating school must set the student free to develop children according to Montessori Method. Failure to practice the method fully will mean that the student will fail to receive his/her certificate or Diploma. C.D.P staff will communicate directly with the co-operating nursery school regarding the progress of its student. C.D.P will also make sure that the certified teacher continues to practice the Montessori Method fully.

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