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What is Montessori Education and it's Origin?

How Can A Real Montessori School be Identified?

What Happens after Montessori Education?


The Child Developers Programme C.D.P is a programme of the Archdiocese of Nairobi that trains competent nursery school teachers to guide 3 - 6 years old children in various nursery schools throughout Kenya. The course was started in 1974 and has trained over 6,000 nursery/pre-unit teachers.

The method used in training teachers is the Montessori method. This method is recognized worldwide as one of the most successful methods of the pre - primary education. Since then it has proven to be very successful here in Kenya.

Why Choose Child Developers Programme?

  • Located in a serene environment
  • Teacher Training for Nursery and Kindergarten Children
  • Certificate recognized by Ministry of Education - Kenya
  • High Employment Placement both in Local and International Schools
  • Regular and School Based Programmes at Certificate and Diploma Levels


  • Academic Certificate or Result Slips
  • Identification Document
  • Interview Fee
  • Passion for Children

Word from the Principal

Montessori education has a rich and long history. Founded by Italy’s first female physician, Dr. Maria Montessori devoted her life to understanding human development/universal needs, with a keen interest in how children learn. After years of scientific research, she founded a philosophy of education that is over 100 years old, with schools all over the world. Modern science is validating what Dr. Montessori knew intuitively, that children learn through their senses, that children have an innate natural desire to explore the world around them and that a properly prepared environment is critical for optimal learning and the development of independence and autonomy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are your teachers trained?
  • How are assessments handled at your school?
  • Where do your students go after graduation?
  • How is a Montessori school different from a conventional school?
  • Why do parents choose your school?


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